A simple birthday

My birthday was Jun 18th and my husband surprised me with the Canon Rebel T5. A few weeks before that I casually told him about how I really wanted a new camera so that I could document our trips. Not only did he get the camera, but he also had the whole day planned so I could enjoy my gift. He told me to pack up my camera bag and that the location was a surprise.

When we got there I saw people with DSLR cameras, and I thought he had bought one of those Groupon classes that teach photography. It turns out he was taking me to a beautiful garden in Charlotte called Wing Haven. I thought I knew of every scenic location in my city, so I was surprised to have never heard of this place. I had the best time and we ended up spending hours there. So much fun that we didn’t make it to the other locations he planned to take me to. It honestly meant the world to me that he put so much thought into planning my birthday.

The gallery below is some of the test shots I took with my 18-55mm and a 75-300mm lens. When my husband gave me the camera, he told me he read that it was a great starter camera. I would have to agree because it’s so easy to use! After about 10 minutes of reading the user manual, I was ready to take these photos!


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