Risking it all for a memory

Sometimes working nights can be very slow and tonight I had enough downtime to scroll through the trending topics on Facebook. One of the top topics was about a tourist who fell to his death while taking a photo at the Machu Picchu ruins in Peru.

I think there are many downfalls to the new selfie generation, but I rarely think of selfies as deadly. The article I read told story after story of tragic accidents that happened while taking photos during vacations. A common factor seems to be that people are trying to get the “best” or most daring photo. Sometimes they enter restricted areas, stand on dangerous unstable ground, or get to close to the edge and slip. Being on vacation can give you a since of fearlessness and freedom, but we must stay safe. Losing your life while trying to gain memories only results in loss.

Why do we desire to take the best photos during vacation as if we’re in competition? Let’s be real, most of our vacation photos aren’t going to appear in Adventurous Traveler magazine. Our job during vacations isn’t to take amazing professional quality photos, it’s to relax and enjoy the moment. How can we enjoy the moment if our focus is on taking photos, in order for others to see that we enjoyed the moment.

I love taking photos but I think we have to do so in moderation. You have the opportunity to see the view first hand, make sure you treasure it. If we spend our whole vacation capturing moments behind a camera lens, we aren’t gaining much more than the people who view our photos.

Article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/07/01/german-tourist-falls-to-his-death-while-trying-to-take-photo-atop-machu-picchu/


3 thoughts on “Risking it all for a memory

    1. My husband isn’t really into social media or photography. He wants to enjoy the moment and he’s miserable if I’m too focused on taking photos. To compromise I just take the photos for fun, and don’t try to make them perfect!

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