A rainy day in Honolulu

On our second day in Honolulu, we decided to venture out the Diamond Head Crater Trail. At the top of the Diamond Head trail the views of Wakiki beach are stunning. I just knew that this would be one of the highlights of the trip.

We woke up at 4:30am, and boarded the bus at 5:45am. By 6:20 we had arrived and  even the views at the bottom of the trail were beautiful.

The weather was overcast with a mist of rain. It was actually kind of refreshing, and we were just happy that the sun wasn’t beating down on us

When I took the last photo we were almost at the top, but suddenly the rain started to pick up. Right when we were so close to the scenic views I had been waiting for, for months. To add insult to injury my eyeliner and mascara was running down my face. And my hands and clothes had orange rust stains from holding on to the metal railing, so I couldn’t wipe my face off.

Looking back I guess the views were still pretty amazing. These brave souls below didn’t let a little rain stop the from an adventure.

The very last photo was taken at only 7:16am. I’m going to do a part II to talk about the trip back down and the rest of this crazy day!


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