Wedding Hair Nightmare 

I planned my wedding during my last semester of nursing school. Needless to say a few details went overlooked. I spent the month leading up to my wedding struggling to find a hairstylist. The wedding was on a Sunday, and a lot of hair and makeup artists don’t work on Sunday’s. As a alternative, we found a video of an updo that was stunning and pretty simple for my mom to do. Wedding updo

During a last minute trip to the mall the day before my wedding, I found a hairstylist. My name had been on a board at that salon for weeks, and no one volunteered until that day. She showed me a beautiful photo of a prom hairstyle she had just done. I was sold. It appeared to be the prefect light and airy hairstyle for my outdoor wedding.

I realize now that it was likely just a picture from Pinterest she felt her hairstyle was similar to. On my wedding day she came prepared with all her tools, and after an hour and a half she was done. She walked me to the mirror to get a good look at my hair.

It was similar to this but flatter on my head, and the curly ponytail was straight back. She pasted my hair down with so much hairspray, it was slicked down like a toupee. Not light and airy at all. Honestly I wanted to cry. Or maybe just send her home and finish my hair myself.

I tried not to have a panic attack and to help direct her to get it done like I wanted. I told her more hair down in the bottom portion, and more body on the top. I pulled up a picture I had pinned and said “More loose on the top like this picture”.

Everything she did continued to be so flat and stiff. It was now time to head to the venue to get dressed, and she came along to re-curl my hair. I cried in the car on the way there. She ended up working on my hair up until 30 minutes before I had to walk out for my wedding. I had to get into my wedding dress fast.

Here’s a final picture of the results.

It turned out fine but it was a very plain half up do, with an embellished comb in the back. The piece sticking up in the front was never fixed. The curls did look really pretty from the back view.

The whole point of this story is to stress the importance of a wedding hair trial. I give myself the benefit of the doubt because I was focused on graduating from nursing school, and didn’t know any better. But a hair and makeup trial is essential! Cry happy tears on your wedding day, not tears of horror!

Has anyone else experienced a wedding or prom hair nightmare?


4 thoughts on “Wedding Hair Nightmare 

  1. I think your wedding hair looks really beautiful on you!
    I did my own hair for my wedding, and I too struggle with the “too flat on top” issue. But I had a short veil, so that helped with adding height to the top of my head. But truly, yours looks stunning. And the makeup too.

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  2. neffy93

    I was a bridesmaid at the weekend. I was going back home to a small town with no afro hairdressers and the bride wanted her hairdresser to do my hair and I was so panicked because I have had nothing but bad news with people who.don’t know how to handle it manage afro hair. The bride also wanted our hair to all be similar but I knew my hair would not behave the way the others hair would. I stressed so much over it I wrote five blog posts about all of the steps to getting my hair right for the day. In the end my mum and I did it together but as I arrived home just a few days before it meant we didn’t have much time to do a trial run but we did a great job and I was pleased with the outcome. My latest post shows the final look. You looked beautiful on your day and your hair looks great but I understand how you feel if it wasn’t how you had personally envisaged it.

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    1. Thank you for your response! Can’t wait to read your blog posts! I had a similar experience to that as a bridesmaid too. Someone was doing all these pretty styles on my friends, but said she didn’t know how to do my type of hair. Our hair tends to have a lot of benefits like holding curls and styles for much longer…well as long as it doesn’t rain lol. I’m happy your style turned out the way you wanted!

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