Farmers Market, Arboretum, and North Shore

After we got our rental car in Oahu, we eagerly explored the island. Our days were unplanned, but full of adventure. I was so happy riding through this beautiful island, with a full tank of gas and not a care in the world.

It was Saturday morning and we decided to stop by the KCC farmers market. This farmers market was a little different than the previous ones I had visited. There was a lot of cooked food for sell, instead of just the typical fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers. We ordered delicious mushroom risotto cakes from one stand, and homemade ginger ale from another. There was no where to sit so we decided to eat in the car and go on to our next adventure.

We drove to the Lyon Arboretum, which is a botanical garden located in Oahu’s rainforest. I thought it was just a garden that you walk through, but the site was full of numerous hiking trails. I wasn’t dressed for hiking, so we just did a short walk through.

Our next destination was completely random. We decided to make the hour and a half drive to the North Shore. The North shore is known for extreme surfing in the winter, but in the summer the water is calm. We stopped by turtle beach to see sea turtles, but unfortunate they weren’t out that day.

Most of the beaches were really crowded since it was a Saturday. We eventually settled at Sunset beach. The beach was beautiful and not too crowded. There were popular food trucks located up the road from the beach. We only saw a portion of the north shore, but it was beautiful!


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