Craggy Gardens Trail

Sometimes you really want to travel, but all you can afford is a day or two. This week as I prepared to began my new job on August 1st, I needed a short getaway. Last week I planned to go to Charleston with my husband, but it was cancelled because he had an interview. He had his second interview this Thursday, and we planned to go on a overnight trip to Asheville afterwards.

I love Asheville and it’s only a two hour drive from Charlotte. Its a truly beautiful city, full of really friendly people. We arrived in Asheville in the late afternoon, and our first stop was the Blue Ridge Parkway. Five minutes into the parkway, we saw a black bear cub at the edge of the road. Our destination was the Craggy gardens, which is a stunning trail just 20mins from Asheville. I found it really funny that most of the mountain overlooks had PokeStops, for all the Pokemon Go players out there!

Craggy gardens was even more beautiful than expected. It’s the site where I wanted to have our engagement photos taken, but there was a road closure when I visited in march. It felt like a setting from a fairytale.

These are some shots from the Craggy Gardens visitor center. IMG_1326[1].JPGIMG_1329[1]IMG_1330[1]IMG_1336[1]IMG_1338[1]IMG_1346[1].JPG

When I exited the bathroom my husband was taking paparazzi style pictures of me. At first I thought it was funny, but then ran because “We have to preserve battery life!”.

IMG_1354[1]IMG_1357[1]IMG_1358[1]IMG_1369[1]The trail wasn’t crowded at all. The darkness of the trail and the way the trees crossed was stunning to me, but slightly eerie. IMG_1383[1]IMG_1390[1]IMG_1392[1]IMG_1393[1]IMG_1401[1]IMG_1402[1]

It takes about 10 minutes to hike from the visitors center to this shelter. At this point there’s a beautiful meadow to the left with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, and wild flowers and blueberries. You also have the option to continue hiking down the trail and take in more beautiful sights and wild berries! We decided to explore both paths, so there will be more posts and pics to follow!


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