Owning it

Some people easily walk into a room and own it, while others like me are a little more cautious. I like to observe first. Observe and move forward, or sometimes observe and run away. Lately I find myself moving forward a lot more. I honestly just got tired of backing down.

I’m learning to run towards my fears instead of away from them. To stand with my head high and shoulders back, even when I’m afraid. I’m tired of people writing me off as shy and timid. Or thinking they can walk all over me because of my sweet demeanor.

Sometimes getting fed up is the best thing that can happen to you. It leads to change. Honestly just changing your mindset can make a huge difference. Deciding you will be confident and believe in yourself no matter what happens. That even if you’re more of the cautious type, once you’re comfortable you will own the room.


3 thoughts on “Owning it

  1. Absolutely spot on! On the other extreme though, there are those that rock up and own it quite distastefully by foisting their views on others… Everything in moderation 😋


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