Inspirational Beauty Vlogger

I was looking at the TyraBeauty Instagram page when I first discovered Steph Aiello(uwalk_iglide). The first thing I noticed was that she’s stunningly beautiful. Then I read more of the post and realized that she’s over come a lot in her life. Including becoming a quadriplegic due to a spinal cord injury and overcoming cancer. I saw that she had a YouTube page and decided to check out some of her videos.

I’m so happy I made that decision. Her videos are so positive and her personality is so beautiful. I love watching upbeat and positive you-tubers. Her travel vlogs are really fun to watch too. She seems to have a really close and supportive group of friends and family.

In an older video she spoke about how she didn’t know if she should be considered an inspiration. She said that she didn’t choose her injury. That if she could choose between being an inspiration or being able to walk again, she would choose to walk. I think that’s a perfectly human way to feel, although I don’t think the injury is the sole reason that she’s a inspiration.

There is so much more to a spinal cord injury(SCI) than limited movement. I never understood this until I got the opportunity to care for patients with SCI’s. The location of the SCI determines whether someone is a quadriplegic(arms, torso, and legs affected) or a paraplegic(torso and legs affected). Very high up SCI’s can also cause the patient to never be able to breathe on their own or speak again.

When someone has full mobility we move, shift our weight, and change body positions often without noticing. When someone lacks mobility and can’t reposition their body, they are putting serious pressure on their skin. The most pressure being on the skin at bony areas(knees,heels,etc.). This pressure can cause a sore on their skin, and at its worst the bone can become exposed. To prevent this they need to be turned and repositioned every two hours. Even people with an SCI who are very independent may need to set an alarm every two hours throughout the night, so that they can reposition themselves. There are so many more obstacles that a person with a SCI has to overcome.

The obstacles she’s overcome isn’t the only reason she’s inspiring. By being vulnerable and sharing her story with others who’ve faced similar circumstances, I know she’s encouraged many people. The way she lives her life with so much laughter and her amazing personality makes her an inspiration to me. She encourages me to travel and hopefully one day find a great group of friends. To use any obstacles I face to encourage others and give them hope.

Let me take a moment to remind you her Instagram name is uwalk_iglide. Isn’t that beautiful?

Check out this video from the Tyra Beauty Fierce up event!


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