Life gets better with age? 

I used to think that getting older was the answer to everything. When I’m older I’ll be confident. I’ll stop being a shy introvert, and I’ll blossom into an outgoing extrovert. I’ll have a great group of friends like Sex and the City, and my own little family. I’ll have an amazing job and have money to spend on what I want. Things will be so much better when I’m a adult. Can time just move faster.

Now that I’m an adult, my beliefs have changed. I’m more confident and less shy, but I’m still an introvert. That’s who I am and it’s perfectly fine. I don’t have a big group of friends, but I do have a few lifelong friends. I was blessed with an amazing husband, but having a partner means nothing if they aren’t a positive addition to your life. I have a career and make more money, but now I have more bills. 

There are great pros to every stage in life, and there are cons. There’s no need to want to speed through life because you think the next stage will be better. Wherever you are in your life, work to make your life the best it can be. Focus more on the good than the bad. Life goes by way too fast, don’t take your time for granted. 


4 thoughts on “Life gets better with age? 

  1. I love your reflections here Brielle. I too used to wish I was older, in the same way that I used to wish away time – hoping for the weekend when it was only Monday or counting down the days to a holiday. Only, now I am older, I realise the absurdity of wishing away time when you only have a finite amount of it.

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