Holy grail palette: Revealed 2

The Revealed 2 palette is my everyday go-to holy grail palette. I first ordered it around Christmas time 2014. I got the Naked 2 the summer before and the Chocolate bar palette that Christmas. I wanted to try the Naked 3, but I kept reading that the Revealed 2 palette was a great dupe. I thought that for $19.99 it was definitely worth a try. Since I ordered it during the holiday season, it took about two weeks for it to come in.

It was worth the wait, because the quality is amazing. The shades are very pigmented and go on smooth. There are 20 shades, while the Naked 3 only has 12 shades. The palette doesn’t have a mirror, but I like that it’s so thin and light weight.  It’s easy to travel with. The only con is the packaging is made of a cardboard like material and it’s easily stained. I love finding great dupes and saving money! 

For Christmas of 2015, I had no idea what to ask for. Each year my family has a $50 gift exchange, and I’m always the last person to come up with a list. When I announced that I wanted the Naked 3 palette, the looks of horror and confusion on my family members faces was priceless. 

To this day my Naked 3 palette still looks brand new. The plastic covering is still on the mirror, because I never really need palette mirrors. The palette does get some use, but mostly for special occasions. The shades are slightly more pigmented and the shimmers are more bold. I don’t think it’s enough of a difference to spend $54 on instead of the $20 Revealed 2. 
If you’ve tried the Coastal Scents Revealed palettes, let me know what you think! 


11 thoughts on “Holy grail palette: Revealed 2

    1. It’s by a brand called Coastal Scents and they make dupes of all the Naked palettes. I think you can only get the palettes online, but I bet it would take forever to ship international! Thanks for stopping by!


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