Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3

I honestly had never heard of the brand Makeup Revolution until I started reading beauty blogs. I thought it was a UK exclusive brand. Last weekend while I was at Ulta, I just happened to see the Makeup Revolution brand. The brand’s Iconic palettes looked very similar to the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I first picked up the Iconic 2 for my mom, because she wants to get into makeup. I saw that there was a buy one get one 50% off deal, so I picked up the Iconic 3 for myself. For a total of $5.25 each, I had nothing to lose!

When I got home the first thing I did was compare the Iconic 3 to my Naked 3 palette. The Iconic 3 retails at $7.00, while the Naked 3 retails at $54.00. At first glance they look so similar.


(Naked 3 on top, and Iconic 3 on bottom)

Of course the next thing I did was swatch both palettes. For the price of the Iconic 3, I was really impressed with the pigmentation and smooth texture. I wouldn’t say that it’s more pigmented than the Naked 3 or as buttery soft in texture, but it’s also over $40 cheaper!


Iconic 3 Palette


Naked 3 Palette

The Iconic 3 is a great dupe for someone who doesn’t want to  spend the money on the Naked 3. It’s an awesome rose gold toned eyeshadow palette, especially for someone who is just getting into makeup. Dupes are a great way to save money, so you can buy a greater variety of products. That way you can figure out which tones fit you the best, and find your own personal makeup style. Also you’ll have more products to play around with and get creative!





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