Cabin trip, small town life, and being different

My mom and stepdad purchased a vacation cabin in Fancy Gap, Virginia last year. The cabin is located in a small town right off of the blue ridge parkway. I’ve really been pushing for a family weekend there, but it’s booked on most weekends. A few weeks ago I was able to make the trip happen. I love spending time with my family and it was one of the highlights of my year.

We decided to venture out into the Blue Ridge Parkway. On the way to our destination we found a really beautiful historical site.

After leaving the site we continued driving down beautiful roads full of crops and wild turkeys. We visited a candy factory, which I wish I took pictures of! Then we went to the two pump gas station aka “Poor Farmers Market”.

This was in a small middle of nowhere mountain town, and I’m guessing they rarely have African-American families stroll in. It was kind of humorous to me, but the people there were friendly. My family and I are definitely different. I’ve always been taught to do the things I like, and that I don’t need to fit into a stereotype. To march into situations where I’m different and be proud of that difference. To be confident in who I am regardless! The day didn’t end here, but I’ll save the rest for another post.

If you’re different and proud of it, leave a comment below!


5 thoughts on “Cabin trip, small town life, and being different

  1. Tripped on this post today. Amused me because it reminded me of the first trip my (now) wife and I took together, back when we were still dating, to the mountains of NC. As a biracial couple, we noticed we were always treated well, but just a little “different”. Eventually figured out that in many rural parts of NC mountains they don’t see a lot of biracial couples so we were a bit of an oddity. Nonetheless, always treated well, we had a great time, and still spend a ton of time up in mountains to this day… Viva la difference!

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    1. I’m actually from NC! That’s where my love for the mountains started. I don’t go to many of the rural towns, but I love Asheville. Gatlinburg, TN is another nice mountain town to visit if you’ve never been.


      1. Haha! Both my wife and I are native NCers! She’s from the coast so had never been to the mountains, so that was our first trip together (starting in Asheville!). That was many years ago, but still one of our places to visit. We’ll check out Gatlinburg, but I’ll return the favor and offer up the town of Blowing Rock. Wonderful little mountain town, nice little shops, good restaurants, caters to visitors.


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