200 followers and Celebrating the little things

What?! 200 wonderful people are following my blog! Thank you all so much for the support❤️. 

To some 200 followers on WordPress may be a little thing, but those people probably aren’t bloggers! I’ve noticed that the blogging community really celebrates milestones and recognition. We put our hearts into our writing, and work hard to perfect our posts. Regardless of what the topic is, we’re openly sharing our passions in life. Sometimes our struggles and heartache. We write for ourselves and our enjoyment, but it’s nice to know that others enjoy our posts too! 

One thing you may not know about me is that I’m big on celebrating achievements with self-rewards. That’s just how I stay motivated. 

During the two years that I was in nursing school, I worked third shift almost every single weekend. In the first year of school, I was only able to get a few hours of sleep before class on mondays. That didn’t help with dealing with the stress of nursing school. I had to find a good way to stay positive and motivated. I started to plan small trips during each break from school. The main destinations I went to were Asheville,NC, Gatlinburg, TN, Charleston,SC. Those are all favorites of mine and places I tend to visit a few times a year! 

Another way I rewarded myself was with small gifts. Before a really stressful test or challenge, I would chose a gift to get myself after successfully making it through. It was often something that I already planned to buy. Usually the item was $20 or less, but I would be so excited about it! It turned something stressful and anxiety producing, into something to look forward to!

So you may be wondering about how I will celebrate 200 followers? Writing this post and contributing to my blog is enough for me! Thank you for reading and make sure to celebrate yourself! 


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