Date on a Deserted Island

I thought that being stranded on a deserted island would be exciting and romantic. It would only last for three hours…three hours of no bathroom and very little shade. When we finally did find shade and have a romantic picnic, we were bitten by biting flies the whole time. The water was too rocky to swim in. When we layed our towel in the sand, we were then bitten by sand fleas. I also learned how to scare snakes away by taking louder footsteps.

It was a day that I don’t think my husband(then fiancé) and I will ever forget. We were on vacation in Clearwater, Florida and had only been engaged for a few weeks. We were floating on a cloud and had the best time during that trip!

I love historical sites so I picked an excursion where we’d be dropped off by a boat at Egmont Key State Park for 3 hours. Egmont Key is a remote island so there’s no bathrooms or stores. The park contains ruins from an old fort that was built over 100 years ago. It was absolutely beautiful but…

We were just so unprepared. No bug spray and we didn’t bring a beach umbrella. You can see the shadow of a little tree we found shelter under at the beach. We had to ration out our water because it was a hot 90+ degree day. Plus if we drank too much there were no bathrooms. Our picnic food was actually really good, and we would of enjoyed it if it wasn’t for those pesky biting flies. Now it’s a really funny memory to look back on! We have a lot of work to do on our survival skills!

Thanks for reading, and I’d love to hear about your worst date story! 


16 thoughts on “Date on a Deserted Island

  1. My worst date story, I was in high school and was asked out by this guy who was nice, but I just wasn’t into him. But I said yes anyway because I didn’t want to let him down. We went to see a movie and had ice cream afterward. But a storm blew in and he was driving all over the road because he couldn’t see anything coupled with the fact that he had barely gotten his license. I didn’t think I would make it home. Suffice to say, I declined a second date.

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  2. This made me smile – your relationship sounds like a lot of fun 🙂
    My worst date was with my ex. He’d phoned me, told me he’d planned a really nice dinner for us so get dressed up for a romantic evening. I had mistakenly thought we’d be going out, but we drove to his house – this was fine, and actually really nice and intimate… until his housemates came home and gate crashed us drunk/high out of their heads and I had to spend the rest of the night cleaning up puke and moving bodies out of hallways. Interesting to say the least!

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  3. This was funny – now I’ll keep this in mind if I ever go to a deserted island. And I can’t think of any terrible dates, but once when I was in high school, a guy invited me on a date to McDonalds. Needless to say, that wasn’t quite my idea of a date! Haha


  4. Haha well I definitely learned a thing or two from your post 🙂
    My worst date ever… Oh god, a blind one! Terrible. First time I meet this guy, and he starts talking about kids. Then at 10.00 pm his mother calls and he tells me how very attached to her, he is and that he considers her to be his BFF and that she worries about him that’s why she calls once every couple of hours, just to make sure he is doing ok.
    We had long been through our high school teen years, just to make my point more clear.

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