Day trip to Greenville,SC

On a Monday my husband said “Plan a trip for this weekend” and I was shocked. I’m usually the one who initiates our vacations. Even though I was ecstatic at the idea of a trip, the week that followed was hectic. During my free moments, I imagined myself in Charleston or Greenville,SC. The only problem was that I had no time to plan the trip, and we weren’t able to leave on Friday like I hoped. 

The next option was to drive 3.5 hrs to Charleston, or 1.5 hrs to Greenville. I knew that if we went to Charleston overnight, by Sunday night we’d both be exhausted. I decided to go to Greenville, which was somewhere we’d both never been!

When I looked at hotels in Greenville, they seemed very expensive for one night. I had to ask myself if it was even worth it to stay overnight, when the location was only 1.5 hr away. Also I liked the idea of going on an adventure Saturday, then relaxing at home on Sunday. I told my husband we were going on a day trip and which direction to take on the highway, but the location was a surprise.

It felt like it took no time to get to Greenville. Our first stop was a restaurant called Biscuit Head for brunch. We’d been to this restaurant before in Asheville, and I thought my husband would really enjoy going back. The biscuit I got was a Mimosa Fried Chicken biscuit, which is so good I took a bite of it before I could take a picture. I will just insert the photo from their website, which actually looks just like the amazing biscuit in real life! 

Our next stop was downtown Greenville. We found all day parking in a great spot for just $5, which we were really happy about. Downtown Greenville was full of awesome speciality shops and restaurants. There was an Oktoberfest festival going on, and that was another reason why I chose Greenville! 

There’s an amazing park a few blocks from downtown with a beautiful bridge and waterfall. Stay tuned for part II! 


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