Day trip to Greenville,SC pt.II

Downtown Greenville is so beautiful that I had to divide my photos into two posts. In part one  I shared photos of the Main Street area and all throughout downtown.

We walked through the majority of downtown on foot. There actually was a free trolley riding around downtown, but we didn’t realize that until later in the day. I’m kind of glad we didn’t, because the walk was so refreshing. I love the feeling of walking around and exploring a new place.

After about six blocks we reached Falls Park on Reeding Creek. A stunning 32-acre park, right on the edge of downtown. We first went down to the bottom of the park (quite a few stairs to get there), and found a wooden swing to sit on.

After a while of staring at the beautiful view and people watching, we decided to head to the bridge that crosses  over the park. When your on the bridge you have the most amazing views of the park. At the end on it there’s an area at the top of the water fall where kids and fur babies waded in the water.

We decided to keep walking and stopped for bubble tea. Across from where we stopped for tea, was an amphitheater with a contemporary dance competition going on. It added another special and beautiful aspect to the city.

We didn’t stop for long, and we continued our walk back to the heart of downtown.

This experience definitely gave me a new appreciation for day trips. You get the experience of being somewhere new, without the hotel prices! I probably will limit my daytrips to locations about 2.5 hours away. Usually for a 2.5-4 hour trip I stay overnight, so that I can take advantage of the day. Overnight trips are my most common and favorite type of trip!

Thanks for reading! I’d love to know  what’s your favorite day or overnight trip from where you live?


3 thoughts on “Day trip to Greenville,SC pt.II

  1. Your pictures are stunning! Since I know your family has property in Virginia, I would strongly suggest taking a trip to the Va Safari Park. It’s a drive thru zoo with a small regular style zoo as well. If you like animals, you will have a blast!

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