Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny- Praying Mantis

When I saw this Praying Mantis, I couldn’t resist a photo. It intensely followed my every move, slowly turning its head to watch me. I was fascinated by this tiny creature. The way it watched me was almost human-like.

It turns out that the Praying Mantis vision is very similar to that of humans, and they are the only insects that are able to see in 3D. In a study at Newcastle University in the UK, scientists actually made tiny 3D googles for Praying Mantises and showed them movies of prey. Whenever it appeared that the prey was close they attempted to attack, which proved the study was a success. Check out this article from National Geographic for more information: These Praying Mantises Wear Tiny 3-D Glasses—For Science .

01prayingmantis3d-ngsversion-1452601800804-adapt-1900-1Photo from the Newcastle University study

My own interpretation of “tiny” went completely different than expected. I didn’t plan to go the science route, but occasionally my Biology background comes out. See how others interpreted the word tiny at  The Daily Post

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