Seeing Red and Blue 

Many people say they don’t see color, but clearly see Red and Blue. They don’t discriminate against a person due to the color of their skin, but are quick to throw stones at each other based on political beliefs. If you’re a Democrat(Blue) you’re stereotyped as a liberal extremist and atheist who has no morals. If you’re a Republican(Red) you’re stereotyped as a conservative who is intolerant and hateful towards people who are different than you.

Clearly the Reds are all the same, and the Blues are all the same. They’re in the same group, so they must all have the same beliefs. Logical, right?

After doing some research, I’ve learned that the divide between political parties has been building for years. The cause of the divide is the increase in Polarization, meaning that people strictly align with the beliefs of their political party.

This was actually really shocking to me. That after 18 years of developing individuality, the option to vote can completely change someone’s belief system.

When I was growing up, it was normal to be moderate. Many people shared a similar stance taboo issues like abortion and same sex marriage. After the Columbine and Virginia tech shooting, of course gun control was an important issue. Something the mere mention of the second amendment couldn’t just overshadow. It was common for people from either political party to practice Christianity. Today things are so different, and fewer people can agree on issues. This means that more people will be dissatisfied.

Actually research has shown that Polarization is at an all time high since slavery. Ironically this issue seems to have been overshadowed during the election, by cultural and racial divide. I don’t think people realized that the divide was a lot closer to home. Now that the election is over, a new kind of division has developed between Family and friends.

As an African-American Christian living in the South, I’m part of a group that is often moderate. We are overwhelmingly democrat, but we tend to have conservative ethical beliefs. Many of us who are college educated, still vote democrat. Based on my experiences, I believe many African-Americans vote democrat due to more of the socioeconomic issues. When it comes to ethical issues many hold conservative views.

I only provided my own opinion, out of over 300 million in this country. My goal is to get the message out there that all people who are part of a political group, are not the same. There’s much more to an individual than the political party they are a part of.

Articles on Polarization:


Illustration by Alan Dye


8 thoughts on “Seeing Red and Blue 

  1. queencitypetite

    Great read! Thank you for sharing your views with us. I live in NC, I see a lot of back and forth in this state. I believe people don’t take the time to really educate themselves on certain issues, yet they are the first to cast stones. This post really got me thinking. ❤ love it

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    1. Thank you so much! Seeing the way things have unfolded in the past week has really made me think too. I had to look at the ways I might be biased, and try to be more open minded. I don’t want to be a part of the problem, I’d rather see people come together.

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  2. I too grew up in the South. And for many years voted Democratic until they went so extreme on the abortion issue and socially were not helping the urban areas I was called to serve. But I am not a typical black voter. Great post

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    1. Thank you for reading! I’m definitely willing to swing my vote to Republican, if I feel like the candidate is a better fit for me. Just out of curiosity have you had anyone turn on you? Seeing the way people have turned on each other is really what sparked my interest to write this post.

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