Desperate for a Peach

I’ve never been one to anticipate the launch of a product. I usually take more of a laid back approach, but the relaunch of the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette brought out a different side of me.  The shades in the Sweet Peach palette are so stunning. I love every single shade, but I’m looking forward to the olive green shade the most!

I haven’t bought a Too Faced palette since the Chocolate Bar palette years ago. I’m a fan of the palette but some of the matte shades are very dry and some of the shimmers are very patchy. I’m just hopping that the Sweet Peach shades are more buttery soft. 

The Sweet Peach palette launched at 12am eastern time on Dec 14th. I was at work but at 12:06am I tried to order the palette during a quick bathroom break. There were already over 27,000 people ahead of me. At 1:30 am I took my lunch break, and there were still over 26,000 people ahead of me. At around 3:40am they sent a message that I was close, but I didn’t check it until 4:30am. I missed the 20 minute response window, and got kicked out of the line. 

I ended up waiting until later that morning to get the product. I went home and went to sleep. Then tried again when I woke up. I finally was able to order my palette. 

This was my first and probably last time trying to order a product as soon as it launches. I think I really just wanted to see what the experience was like, and it was actually kind of fun. Maybe because I had to be up all night anyways. The product is still available right now so it wasn’t really necessary to rush. 

Have you ever tried to order a product when it first launched, and if so what was your experience like? 


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