Christmastown, USA

Finally I made my long awaited, much-anticipated trip to Mcadenville, NC. Mcadenville is also known as Christmastown,USA, because an entire neighborhood decorates their homes for Christmas. Mcadenville is only about half an hour from my home, but I haven’t visited in years. 
It’s such a magical place where you can truly feel the Christmas spirit. You have the option to drive straight through the neighborhood or get out and walk around. The home owners seem to be very welcoming, and sometimes they’ll sit out on their porch and enjoy the smiles on visitors faces. 

Mcadenville is in the town next to where my husband works, so I ended up dropping him off at work so we could go afterwards. It was a nice way for us to spend extra time together and get an early start at Mcadenville. We arrived at close to 6pm. The traffic can be pretty terrible, but we drove through the entire town in about 20-30 mins. 

I’ve been anticipating this trip for a while, because I really wasn’t sure if it would happen. My husband wasn’t as excited about Mcadenville as I was. It took some convincing, but honestly this visit went without a hitch. Minimal traffic was a plus. I’m just so happy I got to visit this year! If you’re in the area, I definitely suggest a visit! 

The weekend is off to a great start, and I hope to get into some more Christmas themed activities today. Including a Christmas movie marathon and possibly ice-skating! 

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear about the Holiday season traditions you enjoy and attractions in your town! 


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