Adult Acne and Natural Skincare Fail

After reading amazing reviews about the use of Neem oil for various skin ailments, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I’ll give you some background info on my skin, and then I’ll tell you more about the fail.

It was thanksgiving weekend and I had a mild acne breakout. Although my skin is oily and acne prone, when I do breakout it’s usually very mild. I wasn’t feeling very happy with my skin and really just wanted to have clear skin. I decided to make a few changes to my skincare routine. I bought a bottle Neem oil, the Aztec clay mask, and decided to stop using my clarisonic. I stopped using the clarisonic, because I thought it would be too harsh along with the other products.

The Neem oil ingredients included 30-40% grain alcohol, and I was concerned about a skin irritation. I applied it to the lower half of my face undiluted,and left it on for about a half hour before washing it off. I thought that if I didn’t leave it on for a long period of time, that would prevent dryness and irritation. It didn’t burn or feel uncomfortable on my skin, so I thought everything would be ok. I learned a little too late that you should never put undiluted Neem oil on your face.

In hindsight, I also should of purchased an organic 100% Neem oil or Neem oil soap.

Right now I would be so happy to go back to how my skin looked a month ago. For the past few weeks I have been really struggling with my skin. My skin went from my usual mild breakout, to a very severe one. I had multiple cysts develop throughout  both sides of my cheeks, chin, and jawline. Places where I usually never broke out. The cysts eventually turned into clusters of white heads, and I had a least 20 whiteheads in the center of my face. All around my chin and mouth, which isn’t an area I usually breakout in.

The breakout has been very slowly improving. I stopped using Neem oil all together after about a week. I had a feeling it had something to do with my breakout, but I had no idea that it shouldn’t be used undiluted. I’ve read reviews where people’s whole face broke out in hives and their eyes swelled up, so I guess I’m lucky my reaction wasn’t so bad.

Still I really haven’t been feeling too good about myself. For the first few weeks I think I handled it really well. I thought that my skin would quickly recover. I think the clusters of whiteheads were what really sent my over the edge. No amount of makeup can cover a whitehead, especially many in one area. The whole texture of my skin just looked terrible.

I finally burst into tears on this past Sunday when I was getting ready for work. I’m a Nurse and a very young looking one at that. I need to be very confident and sure of myself, in order for my patients to have confidence in me. Having moderate to severe acne doesn’t really make me feel or look anymore like an adult. Overall I’ve just been feeling embarrassed by how I look, and that’s a terrible feeling. I don’t like the fact that I have adult acne, but I really would be happy to go back to my typical mild breakout. Most of the time my skin is actually clear, and I just have occasional breakouts.

       The left image is of my skin on Sunday, and the right image is of my skin on Wednesday (Today). Not bad for three days.

Where I really went wrong, was making multiple changes to my skincare routine at once. That can make it difficult to trace the cause of a breakout. I’ve pretty much gone back to my original routine, and also started using my clairosonic again. The only new thing I’m using is the Aztec mask, and I like the way it calms down my skin. I’m also drinking more water, no longer drinking soda and started washing my makeup brushes more frequently. The good thing that came out of this situation is that I’ve decided to make healthier lifestyle decisions.


11 thoughts on “Adult Acne and Natural Skincare Fail

  1. I’m always nervous to try new skincare products, especially since I have sensitive skin. I have found a routine that works for me and I will keep at it until the products I use are no longer sold (then I’ll be in big trouble!). At least you now know what NOT to do.

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    1. I’ve used epiduo in the past, which is a type of retinoid. My goal is to find a natural routine that works, and I had one before. Part of the issue is that I work nights and drink a lot Mountain Dew to stay up, and my skin hasn’t been the same since.


    1. I actually figured out what the issue is and I’ll prob do a post on it. Bentonite clay by itself has a high ph, and with apple cider vinegar the ph is similar to the skins ph. I think when I tried the clay mask with just water that’s what irritated my skin. I haven’t had any issues since then!

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