Is Gratitude the key to Happiness?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude. Something’s been telling me that I’m lacking it. I’ve realized that when things are going good I’m happy, but as soon as things go wrong I’m sad. I don’t want my emotions to sway with the wind. I don’t want my happiness to be determined by external factors. I want my happiness to come from within. Happiness that comes from within is like a tree with strong roots, it’s not easily knocked down.

I’ve been blessed with all my needs fulfilled and then some. I’m not entitled to this. It’s not to be taken for granted.

I’m so thankful that I realized what I was missing. I’ve been praying a lot for God to guide me and show me his will. I realized that my outlook is the problem. I don’t need to have more to be happy. I need to be happy with less, before I can be happy with more.

I went on a gratitude journey years ago and it was life changing. I began by naming three things I was thankful for each day, and my daily list naturally began to increase. I would think of at least ten things I was thankful for within the first hour of being awake.

I’m starting a new gratitude journey and this time I will also write a gratitude journal. I really want to make this a part of my lifestyle, instead of just a short term solution. I want to be a person who exudes joy and light, even when I’m surrounded by darkness.

If you’ve ever been on a gratitude journey, I’d love to hear about your experience. Thank you for reading 💛!


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