What I learned by taking the Myers Briggs Personality Test 

I randomly found myself taking the Myers Briggs Type Indicator test and surprisingly my results were spot on. This test breaks down  16 different personality types. There are four categories that make up a personality type.

Attitude: Introversion(I) or Extraversion(E)

Perceiving: Intuition(N) or Sensing(S)

Judging: Thinking(T) or Feeling(F)

Lifestyle: Judging(J) or Perceiving(P)

My personality type is INFP. People with my personality type are dreamers and idealist. We’re introverted but we also gain energy from helping others. We have strong moral values. We’re creative and open minded. We’re more flexible than structured.

I think that my personality test results are really true to who I am. Who I’ve always been. No matter how much I mature and change, there’s still aspects of my personality that never change.

Whether I’ve stayed true to who I am or not is a whole different story. In many ways I chose a practical life, over a dream life. It’s much easier that way. Still I always find myself gravitating back to passion. It’s more important to me than money or material things.

A lot of people don’t believe in this type of test. After all the way you answer the questions can change the results. The way you think can change the results. At the least it’s a representation of your mindset at the moment.

I personally think the test was beneficial and accurate for me. It was the most beneficial career wise. I’ve always loved psychology and wanted to do mental health nursing for years. My test results indicated that mental health is one of my career matches. Most people I know hate it, but I absolutely love it. It also listed social work, occupational therapy, and writing as jobs possibilities. All things that I’m interested in.

I recommend the test if you haven’t already taken it. You might learn a few things about yourself and your interests. It might help you to find your ideal career.

Click here to find your personality type!
Have you already taken the test and if so do you think your results are accurate? I’d love to hear about your experience!


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