Just Because Roses

There’s something so special about receiving “just because” gifts. No matter how small the gift is, I get so excited about it. Just the idea that someone thought of me and wanted to make me smile. 

I began last week focusing on gratitude. I guess it’s true that when you’re grateful, you get blessed with more things to be grateful for. This bouquet of roses was a small gift with a big meaning for me. 

Keep pushing on and changing for the better. 

It takes about a month to break a habit and start a new one. I have to continue to break the habit of negative thinking, and replace it with gracious thinking. As I work to practice gratitude, I become so much more appreciative of the things I already have. 

It’s interesting to note that when you lack gratitude, you’re always searching for more. You think more will make you happy, but it’s never enough. When you have gratitude, you have more than enough. 


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