Turning Social Media Envy into Motivation

I’ve never been a huge fan of social media. I’ll make a post on Facebook and Instagram once every few months. Sometimes I feel like I’m on the outside looking in. Looking in at perfect beautiful life changing moments, endless success, great relationships, and amazing trips. I usually feel genuinely happy, but sometimes envy tries to creep in. If I start to feel inadequate I’ve always been quick to put less focus on social media. 

Lately I’ve had such a different outlook on social media. I follow a lot of people who have accomplished the things that I want to accomplish. They inspire me to work toward my goals. I think “If they did it, why can’t I? ”

If I feel the familiar twinge of envy, then I ask myself why. Am I actually lacking something, or am I just taking what I have for granted? If desire something I don’t have, then how do I accomplish it? What are the first steps that I can take? 

I truly think that it’s better to try to accomplish the things you desire and risk failure, then to always wonder what if. Even if you don’t reach your goal, you’ll at least land somewhere closer to it. 

I’d love to hear other perspectives on this topic. Do you think that social media can be used as motivation? 


5 thoughts on “Turning Social Media Envy into Motivation

  1. I think people need to use social media only if they are mentally prepared. If you’re sad and turn to social media as a source of positivity, it can very easily turn into an envious rampage, turning your sadness into depression. We need to bare in mind that things we see on social media are from people’s highlight reel of life. No one is going to post the bad stuff unless they want attention.

    On the topic of motivation, I think yes; social media can be very motivational. I have a few friends on Facebook who have turned into health nuts, posting pics of their body changes, marathons, meal preps, and the like and instead of seeing them and judging myself and how unhealthy I am, I look at them as inspiration. I have 2 friends who have lost over 80lbs! If they can do that, then I can totally lose the 20 that I want to lose.

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    1. It’s definitely a very complex subject. I think initial feelings of envy are natural but we have to be able to control it. If you’re full blown envious of other people’s lives and it’s making you sad, then the problem is all internal. The problem is that you’re seeing people who look happy and carefree, and that’s something you’re lacking. Like you said, you have to realize no ones perfect and everyone has bad moments.

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  2. You are right social media has been fuelling dissatisfaction. You get to see perfect life, happy life, people on vacation. You only get to see half picture. Happy to know that you see things differently.

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