Reflecting on April

April was amazing and May has been great so far. In April I had my hair in this wonderful protective style, and not having style my hair was the best feeling in the world. It didn’t hurt that I got a lot of compliments too, who doesn’t love compliments!

In the photo below on Friday April 7, I went out to a double date to a Japanese Steakhouse. Then the next day I went on an amazing day trip. I’m writing a separate post about this day and including many photos!


In the next photo on Friday April 21st I went to try the infamous Unicorn Frappe. Believe it or not I liked it! It didn’t have too much of the blue portion, which is apparently more sour. On the following day my husband and I had an amazing breakfast, an earth day nature walk, lunch at one of our favorite places, visited the SEALIFE mall aquarium, and went to see Colossal. The movie theater at our favorite mall has recliner chairs now, so I’ve gone to the movies more often lately!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Last but not least on April 28th I went to a trendy/artsy part of town for a friends bday celebration. On then next morning my husband and I went to a Creative Real Estate class. My stepdad actually taught the class, and him and my mom have been really successful in real estate. They’ve even helped my grandma ,who’s retired and has a limited income, make enough money to survive with just one investment property. In the US the age of retirement benefits keeps going up and many people get let go just before retirement. We’re getting involved in real estate for financial freedom, our future children’s education, and of course retirement money. Luckily its a passive(less time consuming) form of real estate and we have wonderful mentors! After the meeting, we visited my mom and stepdad’s cabin. Having a vacation home someday is serious goals for me! It’s so relaxing and beautiful there.

We grilled out a few times, had a failed s’mores attempt at the fire pit (too windy), and took a ride along the blue ridge parkway the next day. When we ride along this southern Virginia section of the blue ridge parkway the diversity is completely underwhelming. I literally think people are shocked to see us. Not out right rude, but not welcoming either. I don’t let that kill my fun!

I’ve really made a new and more active life for myself. It’s so important to get out there and enjoy life. Its a stark difference from all the time I spent laying in bed, watching TV, and playing Farmville 2 in January and February. It was actually pretty sad, but I’m glad those dark times are behind me!

Well I’ve reached the end of what I had to say(write), and it feels good! Can’t wait to continue journaling in the future! Thank you guys for taking out the time to read, and I hope it was entertaining🤞!




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