Four Days at Universal Studios Orlando: Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are two distinctly different parks. I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other, instead I’d say that they complete each other. Most of the rides at Universal Studios are indoors and family friendly.  Islands of Adventure features a few more roller coasters and thrill seeking rides. If you love water rides, you’ll find three amazing ones at Islands of Adventure.  When I visit Universal Studios Orlando, I absolutely have to visit both parks.

Islands of Adventure is divided into “islands” with different themes. The themes range from Dr. Seuss, Lost Continent, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, King Kong, Comic Cartoons, to Marvel Superheroes.







Each island has different themed rides, shops, and restaurants. My favorite themes are Harry Potter “Hogsmeade” and the Comic Strip ” Toon Lagoon”. I love how magical Hogsmeade seems and the feeling that I’ve just stepped into a book. By the way, the frozen butterbeer is amazing! The Toon Lagoon island is so vibrant and fun. I really enjoy the Dudley Do-Right and Popeyes water rides. Just to warn you, on the Popeyes ride you will get completely soaked!

My final post of this series will be all about Harry Potter. I’ll explain to you why it’s beneficial to buy a park to park pass, and discuss transportation between both parks on the Hogwarts Express. I’ll end at the amazing Diagon Alley, which was the highlight of my trip! 



16 thoughts on “Four Days at Universal Studios Orlando: Islands of Adventure

  1. That is the park that I most want to go to out of all. I just started a cross- country travel trip to see America for 7 months and I went to Lagoon yesterday as the first day of it. I am so ready to go to universal studios, thanks so much for telling me even more about it!

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