Cruising to the Bahamas

My cruise destination was the beautiful  Nassau, Bahamas. Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas, so you get a great mixture of city life and paradise. If your goal is to shop, eat, and relax by a beach, then you can achieve it very close to the cruise port. If you love historic sites, you can stop by a few of the old forts in the area. If you want adventure, you’re just a tour away from ATV rides, snorkeling, or the Atlantis water park.  

When you arrive at the cruise port, you will be greeted by many shopping vendors and people offering transportation. Please use your discretion when it comes to transportation and tour guides, because your safety is the most important thing! Luckily I traveled with my family and one of my aunts had been to the Bahamas a few months before. She led us straight to the public buses, which are also known as “jitneys”. The buses are very small, clean, and best of all very cheap! 


On the way to our Jitney, we walked through the main town area. There are numerous shops and restaurants, and it’s all within a very short distance to the port. At this point I was faced with the decision to go off with my husband and explore, or go with my family to the “Fish Fry” and a beach. Sharing this experience with my family was really special to me, so off to the Fish Fry we went!


The Arawak Cay area of the Bahamas, more commonly known as the Fish fry, is a block of seafood restaurants. Most of the restaurants charge about $20-30 per entree. Our goal was to find the best Conch(delicious shellfish) dish. We settled with Goldie’s Conch House, and we dined on the back patio overlooking the water. While we were waiting for our food, one of the workers showed us how Conch is removed from its shell and prepared. In the first picture he is holding up the pistol of the Conch, which is believed to be an aphrodisiac.


We all had great Conch dishes(Conch salad and Fried Conch) and great conversation. One of my favorite moments was seeing a Sea turtle in the water. It was so special to me to see this beautiful endangered creature in its natural habitat. The restaurant throws the empty Conch shells back into the water and it attracts many marine animals. Someone pointed out a Barracuda in the water, which I also thought was pretty cool!


After lunch we decided to walk back to the Cruise port. We stopped at the nearby Junkanoo Beach along the way. It was stunnning but the water was freezing! After leaving the beach we had a few hours left before the captains night formal dinner. We hung around in town for a while, then returned for our early dinner seating at 6pm.  


The ship wasn’t due to depart until 7am the next morning, so I think many cruise goers went out that night. I unfortunately had woken up with a cold that morning, and by the end of the day I started to feel pretty terrible. We did go to the comedy show that night and hung around the casino for a while. We had fun on the ship, but a part of me wished I did more in the Bahamas. On the bright side, I have so much more to look forward to next time. On the even brighter side, at least I wasn’t there for the Fyre Festival! 


2 thoughts on “Cruising to the Bahamas

  1. Beautiful photos. I’ve never been to the Bahamas, but I feel like I’ve just returned from my own virtual vacation. (I guess now that the vacation is over, I have to get back to blogging;))


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