Lacking Direction in Life | Twenty-Something Struggles 

Lately I’ve been noticing a trend among twenty-something’s. Most of us reach a point where we have no idea what we’re doing with our lives. It’s such a scary place to be at. 

As I neared my mid-twenties, I noticed a change in social interactions. Every time I met someone new, the conversation went something like this. 

“Hi Brielle, nice to meet you. So what do you do?”

I realized that my career was officially a defining factor in my life. It never felt good to say I work part-time as a cashier at Harris teeter and I’m also a home health aide. The response was always a look of pity. I’d always add in but I have a Bachelors in Biology, although it didn’t seem to really make a difference. 

I made close to minimum wage. Yet I was just happy to be on my own, and providing for myself. When I decided to go to nursing school, the college experience was completely different. I was now a 25yr old student. A 25yr old just now finding their way. 

I would start my nursing career at 27. I would be among many 22yr olds, who got it right their first time in college. Sometimes it bothered me that it took me so long to settle into a career. I shook that feeling off, and decided to just be happy that I found a career. To top things off I had just married an amazing man. I thought this was the beginning of my new perfect life. 

I’ve learned a lot of important lessons in the year that has passed. One of the most important lessons, is to never let your career define you. Finding a career didn’t solve all of my problems. It didn’t make me happier. It didn’t make me better or more important than the next person. 

Choose a career that you love. Something that fits your personality and ideals. If you have to find years searching for just what that is, then keep searching. Who cares if other people can’t see your vision and judge you. All that matters is your happiness and success. 


17 thoughts on “Lacking Direction in Life | Twenty-Something Struggles 

  1. Very much loved this post. And you’re blessed that you’ve managed to now find what it is that you want to do.

    But rightly so.. I’ve started to notice that people do tend to treat others different based on their careers. That shouldn’t be the defining factor.

    Nevertheless this was a very honest post❤️

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  2. Thanks for sharing your journey with us Brielle. It is so true, and your struggles resonate with all of us. I have followed you for a while now, and I know you have such an ingrained sense of compassion that will serve you well in life (and career). Please have patience, and please remember that nothing is as they seem on the surface. I’m no closer to finding ultimate meaning in life – even with a steady career. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, I really appreciate it! I struggled so much with the start of my career, but now things are a lot better. I will definitely have to be patient as I transition to a specialty in the next few years! I’m trying to learn to enjoy the journey!

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  3. Oh my goodness glad I found your blog. We share a lot of the same insights and it appears we wright about similar stuff. We are both in our “20 somethings” LOL. Very good advice–we should never let our career define us. We should also never let it worry us neither. We don’t have to have it all figured out at 20-something, right?! We have years and years to look forward to a stable life! Good luck in your career

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  4. I echo so much of what you said! I’ve learnt this just recently that what looked like fabulous career to outsiders just isn’t for me. I’ve always tried to make others happy with my career choices and I’m now trying to make a change that makes me happy!

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  5. I really loved your post. I’m a 20 yr old but being in a medical school, I’ll start working as a doctor by the age of 26. I have a lot of friends who have already started working and I feel as if I’ll be lagged behind. But I’ll keep this thing in mind and not let my career define me.

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  6. I’m in my 6th career/job in many years. Chances are there will be many changes in your work life, even if you stay in the same field. The world is constantly in flux and these changes filter down to all us humans. I foresee another career/job or two or three in my future and I look forward to them!

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