Anniversary in Sedona| Photo Diary

In June of this year, I spent my first wedding anniversary in a place that is very special to me. I visited Sedona, AZ twice in my teen years and I’ve dreamed of going back. To me the Arizona terrain is perfection. Within a few hours drive you can leave the deserts of Phoenix and arrive in the green forests of Flagstaff. It’s absolutely mesmerizing to me!

We arrived at the Phoenix airport on a late Saturday night and planned to drive to Sedona on Sunday evening. On Sunday morning we got up ready to explore! Our first stop was the Desert Botanical Garden. It did not disappoint and I was in photography heaven!

After that we decided to visit Lolos Chicken and Waffles (which was amazing) and do a bit of shopping. We finally left for Sedona at about 3pm. We stopped at Montezuma Castle National Monument along the way. Fun fact: I wore a romper that day and at some point while we were shopping I put my romper on inside out. It was actually really hard to tell and I didn’t notice until I  was glancing at the pictures from the castle. If you look closely the tag gives it away.


We finally arrived in Sedona, and checked into the Sedona Summit Resort. We found a great hotwire secret hotel deal and loved where we stayed. I’m actually a wiz at Hotwire secret deals, I always figure out what the hotel is! The extensive vacation research that I do purely for fun helps.

The benefit of staying in a resort was that we had a full kitchen and made most of our meals. There was a washer and dryer. A outdoor patio where we could sit and view the surrounding red rocks. We also had a huge jet tub to take Epsom salt baths in after a long day of hiking. We packed so many activities into each day, I wouldn’t of  survived without a big bottle of Dr. Teals Epsom salt bubble baths.

We purchased the America the Beautiful annual national park pass. I highly recommend purchasing the pass, if you’re planning on going to the Grand Canyon and other national parks in the area. The national park pass is valid for one year from the month you purchase it.

Everyday we did something unexpected. On our first full day in Sedona, we ended up driving to the Grand Canyon. It was actually our wedding anniversary day June 5. I thought it was a pretty memorable way to spend our first anniversary.


On the following days we went to a meteor crater, a petrified forest, a previously erupted volcano, and many more amazing sites. We also explored the beautiful town of Sedona.

This photo diary is an introduction to series of Arizona travel posts. I will show and tell you a little bit more about each of the places we visited. Thank you for reading and stay tuned!




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