Day 5: Dreary Fall Days

The weather in Charlotte has been really overcast this weekend. I secretly enjoy the cloudy skies and autumn leaves. It makes me feel like it’s truly fall. All I want to do is cuddle up by my fireplace and watch movies. 

This has been a pretty busy weekend. We celebrated my Goddaughters first birthday on Saturday. Seeing how much joy she brings to my friends lives is beautiful. I think I caught a little bit of baby fever myself. She loved the gifts we got her and it made my day!

We got together with our friends again this morning for brunch. We decided to go the the boardwalk area in Charlotte. My husband and I go there a lot to sit by the lake. The trees in our city are reaching their peak fall colors, and it was much prettier in person! Wish I had my camera.

I’m off to work pretty soon. I like my schedule this week. I’ll work tonight and then be off until Thursday. We’re doing renovations in our house, and on Friday/Saturday we’re getting new floors. We’ve been planning this forever, and I’m really excited! 

The new floors have given me a reason to get rid of a lot of things in the house, and kind of start over. Everything thing that touches the ground will have to be moved, so the process is almost like moving out. We still have a lot of work to do to get ready! 

I hope everyone reading this has had a great weekend, and will have an amazing week to follow! If you pray please send some prayers my way, that this week will be much better than last week! I’m definitely about to say a prayer myself and just go in with a positive attitude tonight. Thanks for stopping by!


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