Day 9: Barely Made it

I almost missed today’s daily blog post. I barely was able to dress my self for work, let alone write a post. But I did everything I set out to do!  I packed up all the things I needed to, and I’m fully ready for the new floor install tomorrow. 

I’m at work on coffee break right now. In the morning I will go to my aunts house to sleep and then come back to work. Still not sure where I’ll sleep Saturday morning, most likely my aunts again.

I won’t see my husband until Saturday morning. That’s definitely the hardest part of working the night shift. Going days without seeing him. Even seeing each other for five mins in between shifts makes us so happy. 

Well I guess I’ll head back to work. Wishing you guys a good day tomorrow, and an amazing weekend! I’ll be back with another post tomorrow (which starts in five minutes)! 


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