Day 10: Weekend…Sort of 

At work on coffee break. It’s 11:11pm before 11/11. I’m having a hard time writing today. Hopefully this will be one of my last coffee break posts. It’s hard for me to sit down and take a break, let alone think deeply enough to write. 

I’ve been stretched a little bit thin this week. After tonight I have the rest of the weekend off. Really Sunday will be my only free day. I’m hoping to make it to the Renaissance Festival. I’ve been trying for weeks now. Also I’ll finally get to see the finale of Stranger Things. Then Sunday night the Walking Dead will come on. 

Another thing I’m interested in doing is going to Cider mill. I had never heard of them until Stephanie Ledda (smlxo on youtube) vlogged one. I didn’t think we had them in North Carolina. Well yesterday on Facebook I saw an advertisement for one nearby. That might be on the agenda for Sunday or next weekend. 

I have all of next weekend off. I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully I can get out and do a little bit more. Spice up these posts! 

Anyways thank you for reading through my crazy week, and slightly messy posts! Until next time! 


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