Day 11: After the Dust Settles

I finally made it through these crazy few days. This morning after work was interesting to say the least. It was day two of new floor installation. New carpet would be placed on the stairs and throughout upstairs. I arrived home at 8am hoping to shower and get a few hours of sleep. I was able to take a shower, but my bedroom and bathroom downstairs was in disarray. The bed frame was put together but the mattress/box spring was off to the side, and the toilet wasn’t put back  in place. Apparently we need a new toilet, but that’s totally fine. Luckily we have a bathroom upstairs.

My sister in law had offered for us to come to her place to get ready/sleep. We decided to just head out, since it would be hard to have access to the upstairs toilet. We stopped at Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte and breakfast sandwiches. I went to her place to lay out my clothes for the funeral later and get ready for a quick nap. It was a joint effort, my husband ironed my clothes while I slept. I only got one hour of sleep. 

We had a two hour drive to the funeral. I couldn’t sleep the whole ride, no matter  how hard I tried. We stopped for a quick coffee break, and ended up running short on time. We made it just in time, but had to sit in the overflow area. It was a really tiny church. The funeral was for my husbands aunt. I never had the fortune of meeting her, but it sounds like she was an amazing woman.

She took in 6 siblings at 23yrs old after her parents passed. She had already obtained her bachelors in Accounting and bought her first home at the time. She always looked out for others. She left a wonderful legacy.

There was a family gathering afterwards. I enjoyed spending time with my husbands extended family. I always feel like a little bit of a freak when I’m sleep deprived and socializing, but I think I did well for one hour of sleep. We left for home at about 6:30pm and I slept the entire way. We picked up our dog, and finally it was time to see the final results of our new floors! 

We love the new vinyl wood planks downstairs and carpet upstairs! It changed the look of our home. The funny thing is our dog was so confused. While we walked through the house he walked behind us sniffing everything. It might take him a while to get used to the change.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there’s dust everywhere. I’ve been running around with dust mitts sweeping and wiping things down room by room. It’s forcing me to get everything in tip top shape, which will really allow me to enjoy the new look! I have pretty bad dust allergies so I’ll just take a Benadryl and emergen-c drink before bedtime. 

It’s been a good day overall. I’m taking time today to be thankful for the simplest things. For myself and my loved ones waking up this morning. For life and hope. Thankful for it all.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope everyone had a good day! 


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