Importance of Date Nights After Baby

I never would of imagined how much my relationship would change after having my son. I went from feeling extremely close to my husband, to feeling out of touch. I think the problem was that we were so excited to be new parents, that we wanted to include our son in everything. We ended up putting each other on the back burner.

We went out often with our son, but we couldn’t focus on each other. We tried putting him to bed early and then spending time together, but we just ended up watching Netflix. None of it felt like true bonding time.

We went on a date night this week and it gave me a new perspective. Our son was safe with someone we trust, and we were free to fully relax. We had important relationship building conversations. We were reminded that we created a family together, because of the love between us. A love that still needs to be nurtured and prioritized.

It took almost four years of marriage and becoming parents, to understand that a marriage takes work. It takes empathy, thoughtfulness, and vulnerability. It takes quality time, active listening, and lighthearted moments. It’s the kind of work I’d be happy to do for a lifetime. It’s not always easy, but I think it’s worth it

Surprise date on Mother’s Day 2019

Looking forward to routine dates nights and more quality time!

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