The Flu Hit My Household


On Monday afternoon, my husband told me he felt sick. I felt so bad for him, because I knew he had a long day ahead. After a full day of work, he’d go straight to a continuing education class. When he finally arrived home that night, he asked me to take his temperature. I was shocked to see that it was 102.7F.

I jumped straight into nurse mode. I gave him cold/flu medicine, which contained Tylenol, and prayed that it would keep his fever down. I made him a cup of soup, but he didn’t eat much. I poured him a glass of orange juice mixed with pelligrino, our favorite drink at the moment, to provide a boost of vitamin C. I also handed him a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer for good measure too.

I may or may not have lectured on preventing the spread of germs, and laid it on a little thick. I scared him into the guest bedroom for the night. I tried to convince him to stay in our room, but he wanted to avoid getting me and the baby sick. He put himself in self isolation. I went to bed early to prepare for a long day of nursing him back to health.


He woke me up at 6:30 am, and said he felt much better. I remained unconvinced. His cough sounded really congested. I took his temperature again and it was 100F. “Great, much better” he said. I responded “If you still have a low grade fever after only sleeping all night, it’s probably going to go back up in the afternoon”. I also told him that if he rested today, hopefully he would feel better by tomorrow. The next day would be another long day of work and evening class. He agreed to stay home.

He wanted to eat soup, so I set off to Target to stock up on Panera Bread soup. I bought more orange juice and cranberry ginger ale. I also shopped for a few more groceries items on my list. I returned home and jumped back into caregiver mode.

I spent the rest of the day balancing caring for my 6 month old and my husband. I put the baby in my ring sling, and brought everything he needed to the guest bedroom. He took the isolation thing a little too far, but I also think he enjoyed a day to himself. He had a comfortable bed, snacks, tv, and his laptop. I was happy to make his sick day easier in any way that I could.

His temperature is back down to normal. Not sure what tomorrow holds but I’m praying he feels better.


He has the flu. His temp was 99F this morning. He said he felt better than the previous day, but again I convinced him to stay home. I went back to target to get even more soup and orange juice. I stopped by Vitamin Shoppe to pick up the “wellness formula” supplement, which provides vitamin c and herbal remedies. When I returned home he had really bad chills and his temp was up to 101F. It was then that it all clicked, he definitely had the flu. From there we went to urgent care and he tested positive for flu virus.

This had us both convinced it was the flu


Its now day 5 of the flu and day 3 of tamiflu + wellness formula. He’s still self isolating in the upstairs guest room. I’ve been preparing all his meals and pushing fluids and snacks. He’s more energetic, his appetite is back, and his fever is gone. His cough is much better. I keep calling Monday his “reintroduction back into society day”. We’re getting close to normal life again!


Life has returned back to normal this week. The flu was horrible and I was just on outside looking in. I’ve always worked in healthcare and the flu vaccine was a requirement. This year was the time in five years that I had the choice whether or not to get vaccinated. My husband and I agree that we see the vaccine as a must now. For our peace of mind and to protect those around us.

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