Road Trip to Florida |Beach Day

Today seems like a good day to reflect on my last vacation. I’ve written about the days leading up to our beach day in Florida. We found ourselves touring the Jacksonville Zoo and historic St. Augustine. We then checked into our hotel in Orlando, unsure about what we’d do next!

We knew that we wanted to have a beach day, but we had a hard time choosing the beach. Our number one choice was Clearwater Beach, because it holds a special place in our hearts. We came to Clearwater soon after getting engaged, and it was such an exciting time in our lives. Our second choice was Cocoa Beach, which is the closest beach to Orlando.

Newly engaged and happy at Clearwater Beach (May 2015)
Sunset at Clearwater Beach (May 2015)

In the end we decided to go to Cocoa Beach. It was only an hour away and it was a new place for us to visit. We parked at the Cocoa Beach pier. We first decided to walk along the beach. The water was freezing, but it was a beautiful day with the temperature in the low 80s.

We had lunch at the end of the pier at the Rikki Tiki Tavern. We wanted to walk to the end of the pier, but didn’t know we had to pay. In the end we decide to eat at that restaurant, because the money paid would go towards our food. The food was good, and the view and atmosphere were great! I think people mostly come there for drinks and view. They use noodles for straws, which I got a kick out of. It was funny to try at first, but I commend them for being environmentally friendly!

We watched a cruise ship sailing nearby. Cocoa Beach is close to the Cape Canaveral Cruise port.

There were many tourist shops along the pier, and a few more restaurants. We had to get back in time for my husband to attend an online class session, so we left before sunset. I saw on the news later that there was a rocket launch you could view from the beach a few hours after we left.

We knew there was an event parking fee, but we didn’t look into the event. I think viewing the rocket launch would be a pretty cool experience. Maybe in the future we’ll go back to see one!

Overall we had a good time at Cocoa Beach, but I think we’ll stick with Clearwater in the future. I live along the east coast so I have easier access to the Atlantic Ocean, but I prefer beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. The water is warmer and prettier in my opinion. Still I will happily take any beach over no beach! Especially in December!

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