Watching a Dream Come to Life

I had the pleasure of seeing one of my moms dreams come to reality this week, and it’s been amazing! I’m officially the proud daughter of an author! My mom just went live with the kindle edition of her book, Born, Buried, but Not Dead, and physical copies of her book will be available at the end if this month! It’s been amazing and encouraging to watch the process unfold!

I remember years ago when my mom told me she wanted to become an author. I hate to admit it, but it seemed almost impossible to me. I was an avid reader growing up and I viewed my favorite authors as celebrities. They were an elite group of people, not just a regular person. My mom was just “my mom”. Looking back, I now realize how silly my thought process was.

Little did I know, my mom had been writing her book for many years. She had a vision and a topic she was passionate about. Her book would be about healing from sexual assault and childhood trauma. This is something that she had personally experienced and kept silent for 30 years. Instead of dealing with the pain she experienced, she pretended like it never happened. She didn’t receive healing. It had a negative effect on her life that she was unaware of.

Finally after 30 years, she received counseling and healing. Writing was therapeutic for her and she began to write her story. She became passionate about helping others over the years and began to research sexual assault. All of this lead to the material for the book.

After many years of writing and researching, she finally set a publishing deadline. She organized the book content and completed it, but she wondered if her message was clear. Out of fear and habit she wanted to keep adding content, but she had to just trust that it was finished. Writing was the hard part, and she had conquered it.

She was able to delegate the rest of the work. She hired an editor, illustrator, and a company to print it. I thought that in order to write a book you had to have a large company behind that would publish it, but many people self publish their books. The whole process is so much easier than I imagined.

What was once a dream, had become reality. It was a reminder that with hard work and persistence, anything is possible. Keep pushing towards those goals, until they’re no longer just a dream!

Book Overview

If you or someone you know has personally experienced sexual assault and/or childhood trauma, I think the book would be really beneficial. There’s information to help you better understand the mental and emotional effects of trauma. The book also touches on Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACE) and the physical effects of trauma. There are worksheets in the book that include the ACE test and therapeutic writing prompts. I may be a little biased, but I think it’s a great book that will bring healing to many!

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