Quick Getaway to Asheville

Last weekend my husband and I decided to take a quick trip to Asheville, NC. We both had a three day weekend and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. We agreed that we wanted to stay somewhere nice enough to relax and feel at home.  The trip is a two hour distance by car. We... Continue Reading →


Four Days at Universal Studios Orlando: The Hogwarts Express to Diagon Alley

If you love the Harry Potter franchise, Universal Studios Orlando will be the experience of a lifetime! You will see people decked out head to toe in hats and robes, with a wand in one hand and a butterbeer in the other. It's everything I imagined while reading the series, and more. The Wizarding World... Continue Reading →

Four Days at Universal Studios Orlando: Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are two distinctly different parks. I wouldn't say that one is better than the other, instead I'd say that they complete each other. Most of the rides at Universal Studios are indoors and family friendly.  Islands of Adventure features a few more roller coasters and thrill seeking rides. If you love water rides,... Continue Reading →

Foggy Mornings, Cherokee Casino, and Downtown Asheville

We left on a cloudy foggy Saturday morning. The weather was perfect for a day at the casino.    We visited the Harrahs Cherokee Casino, and it was my fourth time there. I really enjoy the whole resort experience that you get in a casino. From the restaurant to the shops, to walking along the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax in Charleston 

Photo taken during a romantic evening stroll through Historic Charleston, Sc.  We stopped at the beautiful Waterfront park to relax. It was the day before my husbands birthday on October 30, and he wanted to take an overnight trip to Charleston. Life has been so hectic I haven't been able to upload all the photos.... Continue Reading →

Day trip to Greenville,SC pt.II

Downtown Greenville is so beautiful that I had to divide my photos into two posts. In part one  I shared photos of the Main Street area and all throughout downtown. We walked through the majority of downtown on foot. There actually was a free trolley riding around downtown, but we didn't realize that until later in... Continue Reading →

Day trip to Greenville,SC

On a Monday my husband said "Plan a trip for this weekend" and I was shocked. I'm usually the one who initiates our vacations. Even though I was ecstatic at the idea of a trip, the week that followed was hectic. During my free moments, I imagined myself in Charleston or Greenville,SC. The only problem... Continue Reading →

A Lazy Girl’s Fall Bucket List

I've never been one of those girls who has a quintessential Fall bucket list. I never go pumpkin picking or decorate pumpkins. I don't bake pies or go on hay rides. I absolutely love the Fall, but I enjoy it in the easiest ways possible.  While scrolling through Pinterest for Fall decor inspiration, I found... Continue Reading →

Date on a Deserted Island

I thought that being stranded on a deserted island would be exciting and romantic. It would only last for three hours...three hours of no bathroom and very little shade. When we finally did find shade and have a romantic picnic, we were bitten by biting flies the whole time. The water was too rocky to... Continue Reading →

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