Day 11: After the Dust Settles

I finally made it through these crazy few days. This morning after work was interesting to say the least. It was day two of new floor installation. New carpet would be placed on the stairs and throughout upstairs. I arrived home at 8am hoping to shower and get a few hours of sleep. I was... Continue Reading →


Day 10: Weekend…Sort of 

At work on coffee break. It's 11:11pm before 11/11. I'm having a hard time writing today. Hopefully this will be one of my last coffee break posts. It's hard for me to sit down and take a break, let alone think deeply enough to write.  I've been stretched a little bit thin this week. After... Continue Reading →

Day 9: Barely Made it

I almost missed today's daily blog post. I barely was able to dress my self for work, let alone write a post. But I did everything I set out to do!  I packed up all the things I needed to, and I'm fully ready for the new floor install tomorrow.  I'm at work on coffee... Continue Reading →

Day 8: The Good Kind of Stress

Stress is something I know too well. It's not something I would usually consider to be a good thing. Today it randomly occurred to me that sometimes it's not so bad.  I've been a bit stressed about getting the house ready for our new floors to be installed. I work Thursday and Friday night, and... Continue Reading →

Day 7: Julie and Julia

I recently watched the movie Julie and Julia. When the movie that I was previously watching ended, I didn't change the channel. I think I was too busy writing a blog post. I'm thankful for the distraction. The movie caught my eye when the lead character Julie Powell, a former writer, decided to create a... Continue Reading →

Day 6: The Daily Blogging Effect

Ever since I started the daily blogging challenge for November, it seems like time has slowed down. I've reached that stage in my life where it feels like time flies. I'm constantly trying to pause in the moment. To embrace the important moments that can only be experienced once. There's less pressure in this type of... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Dreary Fall Days

The weather in Charlotte has been really overcast this weekend. I secretly enjoy the cloudy skies and autumn leaves. It makes me feel like it's truly fall. All I want to do is cuddle up by my fireplace and watch movies.  This has been a pretty busy weekend. We celebrated my Goddaughters first birthday on... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Anniversary in Sedona| Photo Diary

In June of this year, I spent my first wedding anniversary in a place that is very special to me. I visited Sedona, AZ twice in my teen years and I've dreamed of going back. To me the Arizona terrain is perfection. Within a few hours drive you can leave the deserts of Phoenix and... Continue Reading →

Day 3: Revisiting “Too Nice”

I think the concept of "too nice" is really unfortunate. What is this "too much of a good thing is a bad thing"? Anyone who feels that they are too beautiful, too smart, too healthy, or too successful.... by all means send some of that good my way.  If you start wishing some good away,... Continue Reading →

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