Are your dreams too big?

Are your dreams too big to achieve or are they just too big to imagine?  Can we accomplish anything we set our minds too, or are there limits? I think that if you are truly passionate about something, and willing to stop at nothing to achieve a dream that you can accomplish it. But how many of us actually have that attitude.

When one door closes do you open another, or at least fight to find another. Or along the way do you find an easier pathway to follow, and let go of the previous dream. In this case was the dream too big, or did something that appeared better and more practical come along.

Maybe if you would of attempted a few more times, you would of achieved that intimidating dream. But maybe the dream just wasn’t right for you after all.

Have you ever met someone who is determined to achieve their dream, that there is no other option for them. They may start off working towards their dream on a smaller scale. For example I have a cousin who wants to be a professional dancer, which is a hard field to break into. He made the decision to attend college and have a back up plan. Right now he has created his own videography company and is teaching dance to children. He’s starting at the bottom and saving up his money. One day he will move to LA or a bigger city to fully Perdue his dreams.

Some might think his dreams are silly or irresponsible. Some might think they’re too big and there’s too many competitors. If you tell him that he’ll laugh in your face, and tell you that you’re the silly one. He will never have to worry what if. He’s pursuing his dreams full throttle, and living a life full of passion. All I know is that I truly admire his confidence and drive.

If someone else has made it in your field, then why can’t you be the next one to make it.

Why do we laugh at people who aim high, and are passionate. Why do we laugh at ourselves when we aim high. Why can’t the next person who lives your dream be you.

Dream Big!


5 thoughts on “Are your dreams too big?

  1. One of things I believe is “Dream Big and Achieve Greatness”, yes our dream may seem silly to other people, but it is your dream that was given to you by God, sometimes we have to fight through what other people think or say about us to fulfill that dream I once heard a pastor say that there are a lot of dreams that follow people to their grave, they chose not to pursue their dream or maybe did not get the support they needed. Life is a uncertain journey that we are all on and you will never know how close you are to your dream if you quit, so for me quitting is not an option. In Life sometimes there is struggle, tears and pain, but keep going, because your dream could be on the other side, so continue to Dream Big and Achieve Greatness, it’s closer than you think!

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  2. Sometimes dreaming make you ‘fall from the high’ if you know what I mean. You dream big, you put all your energy into that but when it doesn’t happen, it simply leaves you down and broken. People fear feeling that way.

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    1. You’re so right! I went back to school less than a year after graduating from college. Instead of being thankful for my degree, I felt like a loser because I wasted time on the wrong field. I might have to do a spin off post on this 🤔🙂

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  3. Veronica M.

    This is such an inspiring post!! I have a few different career choices in mind right now, but I think pursuing school counseling is what I probably am going to choose ultimately. When I first researched what is needed to become a school counselor, I found out I would have to pursue a Master’s-which was pretty daunting news since I had never before seriously considered graduate school. But I’m determined to reach for my dreams of helping others in an educational setting through school counseling no matter what it takes 🙂

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